Class Calendar:

Please note this series of classes are to be held on the Last Thursday of every month for 12 months

Class 1-    June 30, 2015

Class 2-    August 28, 2015

Class 3-    September 24, 2015

Class 4-    October 29, 2015

Class 5-    November 25, 2015

Class 6-    December 31, 2015

Class 7-    January 28, 2016

Class 8-    February 26, 2016

Class 9-    March 29, 2016

Class 10-  April 28, 2016

Class 11-  May 26, 2016

Class 12-  June 30, 2016

Archetypes and Your Personal Empowerment
The First Archetypes Class Begins: Thursday - April 9, 2015

Each Class:  Will continue The Second Thursday of Every Month for 12 Months

Time: 6:30-8:30pm (PST)

Where:  85 Washington St, Reno, NV 89503 

​Class Format:
Lecture and Discussion, Q & A and Guided Meditation

Class Length: 2 Hours

                           Advance Registrations Required- Class Size Limited
Must be willing to make the 1 class monthly commitment for 12 months.

***Course Materials will be provided and are included in the class fee.

Course Fee: $45 Per Workshop - Materials Included

Payment Options:
Option 1 ) 
Pay for Each Class Individually the week of (through PayPal link to the right)  
or by the Class Date- $45 per class.

Option 2 ) 
Pay for Entire 12 months in Full- $540.00

Archetypes and Your Personal Growth


Begins: July 30, 2015

@ 6:30pm and Continues The Last Thursday of Every Month.

Duration: 12 Months

Archetypes are a form of language of the soul.
Have you ever felt that you had an innate ability to do something? Or maybe Admire someone who does?
These amazing energies are known Simply as Archetypes, and are energy patterns that we all possess. Some of these are from birth, while others come in and out as we move throughout our lives, depending on what we are doing or experiencing in life.
All Archetypes are equal. There is not one archetype better nor more powerful than the other. They are simply different from each other, yet they work in tandem. Just Like everything else in the earth realm, Archetypal energy is made up of both a light and a shadow side, and how you wield these powers throughout your life will make up your life story.
This workshop series is based on the teachings founded by Caroline Myss, Phd and author of the book Sacred Contracts.
Caroline has taken three ancient teachings:
The Archetypes, The 7 major Chakra and the 12 Astrological Houses, which she has blended them into one fantastic tool to help us develop a better understanding of who we are, and why we do the things we do.
These classes have been designed to guide you through the process of finding your birth archetypes, so that you may gain better understanding as to why you respond or react to situations in your life.  As a Graduate of Caroline Myss’ institute and receiving certification, Billee has taken several students through this internal journey of self-discovery and soulful knowing. Come take this journey of self-discovery and learn how to wield this powerful knowledge of yourself and live a spiritually empowered and fortified life.

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