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Sorry This Retreat is Sold Out.

Sold Out


Retreat Format: Lectures, Guided Meditations and Private Sessions with Billee Burchett

Prerequisite: Must have taken previous classes and/or workshops with Billee Burchett, or have received enrollment approval.

***Retreat Size is limited to 10 people- There are no exceptions for exceeding the number.
Please bring extra shoes suitable for trail walks.

Next Retreat Date and Time: May 15-18/ 2015 Fri-Mon

At Expanding Light in Nevada City, CA
Here's a Virtual Tour of our Retreat Location:

Enrollment Fees Cover: Retreat, 3-Meals a Day and Lodging.

Embracing Fear

Changing Your Relationship With Fear

2 Day and 3 Nights Retreat

We all know the importance of balance in our lives, but often times finding balance on a soul level is overlooked. This can leave us with certain emotional fears that either come from the physical and affect us on a soul level, or they come from the soul level and percolate up into our lives.

​These fears are a part of us, and they are a part of both the light and shadow of self. Yet there is a natural apprehension to avoid acknowledgment of these shadows, and this will only make us lasting prisoners of our fears. We cannot know how much light we need to cast on our fears unless we know how much shadow exists and where it dwells. Then and only then, can we achieve balance on all levels. On this retreat Billee will assist you with taking this journey of achieving your soul's balance of light and shadow.

​This retreat is held once a year, and this system is continuing to be used by government officials, corporate executives, health care professionals, professional athletes, students, mothers, and anyone wanting to change their relationship with fear. 

   (Based on her soon to be published book)